Me, myself, and I

Cari Morgan Tretina

Cari Morgan Tretina


Resume: CariMTretina.resume

Life is more manageable once it’s categorized and simplified:

Elevator speech: I’m currently a Budget Analyst for the County of Henrico. My short-term career goal is to learn as much as I possibly can; my long-term goal is to inspire and impact the world. To accomplish these goals, I want to interact with as many people I can, see all there is to see and help connect the dots to solve problems. Becoming a project manager and professional communicator seems to be the next logical step.

Education: Double major- political science and public relations from Eastern Kentucky University in May 2013.

Interests: Writing, research, environmental issues and policies, legislative process, politics, economics, civil liberties, community welfare, and the complexities of human behavior.

Books/Authors: Non-fiction, specifically current events and government affairs. Thomas Friedman, Fareed Zakaria, Robert Putnam, and Malcom Gladwell are all favorites.

Influences: Alice Paul, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Harvey Milk,  and the potential of my future.

Superfluous information: Born leader, fast learner, critical thinker, confident, determined, outgoing, and willing.

Simply put, smart people use their intelligence to advance themselves; brilliant people use their intelligence to advance the world.


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